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We propose you photographs in the JPEG format and in RVB colors. These photograhps are with high resolution. With a program like Photoshop from Adobe or Firework from Macromedia you can get an operating file. It is interesting for printing these photographs with a professional quality for example (cf.File size).

The file sizes depend on each editor of photographs. But, mainly, you can keep in mind these sizes to know which one to choose:
1 MB
Image size : 7.5" x 11" at 72 dpi or 1.80" x 2.64" at 300 dpi. This size is intended for three primary uses :
• Web sites : general use as well as Flash movies, etc...
• Multimedia, such as PowerPoint presentations.
• Comping : where your presentation needs to be higher quality than you can achieve with our free watermarked comping versions.

12 MB
Image size : 5.5" x 8" at 300 dpi or 22.91" x 33.33" at 72 dpi. This size is ideal for print usage of up to 5.5" x 8". If, for example, you are using the image on the inside of a brochure, relatively small, this is the perfect size.

36 MB
Image size : 10" x 15" at 300 dpi or 41.60" x 62.50" at 72 dpi. This size is ideal for print usage of up to 10" x 15". Many of our customers purchase these larger files sizes even when they are using the image relatively small, in order to achieve maximum density and detail in the images.

The use of each photograph depends on a royalty-free license (RF). Each editor of photographs, each bank of images, each photographer is free to determine the conditions of use of his/her photographs. You will find out the specificities of each royalty-free license of each photograph by clicking on the RF logo.

All the models, clearly identified on the photographs, have signed a model release directly with AXIMAGES or with the editor, the bank of images, the photographer distribuated by AXIMAGES. In this way, any buyer of a photograph on AXIMAGES website can use peacefully the rights attached to the royalty-free license. Which means that the uses of the photograph in the edition, the advertising, the packaging, the decoration, the illustration, the multimedia are authorized uses until the royalty-free license conditions are respected. If the model hasn't sign a model release, just the editorial use should be considered, knowing that you keep the entire responsabilities of the possible legal consequences of an inappropriate use of the selected photograph.

• With regard to the photographs of the private properties, the necessity to have a property release is less restricting than with the models. Anyway, AXIMAGES favours the photographs which have a property release. In the case where the property release doesn't exist, the editorial use should remain the only use. With regard to the national properties, which are out of copyright, all uses are authorized and property release are not required.

• With regard to the brands and the logos, the goods that the owner can be clearly identified, and the artworks which are not out of copyright, AXIMAGES favours the photographs which have a signed release. If this release doesn't exist, the editorial use should be again the only use to be considered.

All these informations concerning the models, the properties, the brands and the logos, the goods, and the artworks, are clearly written on your invoice.

The price of each photograph depends on the subject, the rarety, the artistic quality, the release and the file size.

You will be automatically redirected to after your payment on Paypal website. Then, you will be able to download the photographs that you did purchase by clicking on the links of the photographs. Or, since you did buy your photographs, you can download them as much as you want during one month in your personal account area. As soon as you have downloaded the photographs, we suggest you to register them under a format without loss : for example TIFF, PNG.

For your purchase, you suppose to use a credit card. AXIMAGES uses the very secure program of payment Paypal. AXIMAGES does not keep any credit card number. Technically, the transaction is between you and Paypal. You will find your invoice(s) in your personal record.

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